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taj anwar is a native Atlantan and descendant of the well-known Perrin Family (South Carolinian geechees who relocated to Atlanta after World War II). Tajhiek Anwar Nicole Quiet Storm Baoll (taj's full name) is a mother, sociologist, veteran community organizer, activist, farmer, certified holistic doula, direct entry midwife and breastfeeding specialist, business owner, event organizer, panelist and an initiated/ crowned Iyalosa Obatala. She is also a career paramedic Captain with a major metropolitan public safety department, a critical and trauma care Paramedic for the number one trauma hospital in  the state, a civil service member in Atlanta; and a blue-collar, working-class champion. Her businesses, events, and co-ops have refined her skills and centered them around the guiding principles of food, clothing, and shelter and access to quality medical care.

taj (who lower-cases her name on purpose to decrease the focus on her and more on the work) is a mother of four who was born and raised on the Northwest side of Atlanta in a tough neighborhood called the Bluff, infamously known for narcotic distribution. She is no stranger to adversity or hard work. Written off at a young age and predicted by her peers to be incarcerated or a mother of fatherless children, she overcame a learning disability to earn a PhD in Sociology and naturally delivered her youngest child after surviving cancer in her reproductive system.

A woman of many goals and who does what she wants to do when she wants to do it, taj's next goal is to maintain a wellness center/grocery store in Old Fourth Ward and develop the land she grew up on for the community, as well as to complete medical school before the age of 70. taj has always aspired to change her community for the better. She started reading and building herself around the subjects of culture, unity, and self-sufficiency. She credits her parents with imbuing in her an immaculate work ethic and a desire for family greatness.


taj joined Zulu Nation in 1999 under Sol Messiah and has been dedicated to many hip-hop movements including "Dilla Day," raising Lupus awareness, as well as A Queen By All Means under Beautiful SeeAsia, raising breast cancer awareness; having earned the rank of Zulu Queen.

In 2002, taj started MOBBB, a mobile clothes closet and food pantry. taj joined FTP Movement in 2006 under renowned activist Kalonji Jama Changa, brought MOBBB under the FTP umbrella. Whether taj is practicing at the gun range or dropping off groceries to needy families, she remains a consistent asset to her community. One of the most likable characteristics of taj is that she is not hesitant to work with others and or behind the scenes when the people's freedom and wellness are the goal and she makes herself accessible to all, regardless of the circle or politics.

Nicknamed "Beretta Scott King" by her godfather for her sharp shooting skills and "Dopest Babies' Mama" meaning she is the mother of "dope" babies, taj has always aligned herself with campaigns to help political prisoners like Troy Davis and keeps in communication with Mutulu Shakur, step father to Tupac Amaru Shakur. She volunteers for the national liberation struggles and with several organizations within the United States whose specific focus is dedicated to ending police terrorism and racism and is active in prison reform. Seeing a need for young people of color to be heard and taken seriously, she began presenting workshops and lectures at colleges, universities, high schools, community centers, and in the streets. In addition, she offers expert birthing services to under served pregnant women and families for low cost, bartering arrangement or free for qualifying applicants.


"I belong to the people. I belong to the city of Atlanta. I belong to the world. It's not about me. It's not about who the credit goes to. It's about the work and getting the work done." ~ taj anwar

~written by Emani Dawson- Bey for Hujambo PR
~edited by Sarah E. Rosenburg

~photo by Andrew Thomas Clifton 

645 Willoughby Way NE
Atlanta, GA 30312


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